Since 2001
Only the best

Glass as base material

Design and handicraft

I collect ideas in nature, on trips or in my imagination. The glass comes from Italy, USA, Czech Republic, etc. Materials such as sterling silver, cowhide, silk ribbons, semi-precious stones, lava stones and freshwater as well as Taithi pearls, I select by hand and pay attention to good quality.

At the Zweigasflamme, the glass, which usually has its own color, heated until it is viscous. On the steel rod, the soft, glowing glass is wound up and made into a ball or any other shape. Embellishments such as flowers, lines, dots can be placed inside and on the outside of the glass bead. Silver foil can be incorporated. Glasses, when mixed, always react differently, causing exciting effects.

The glass jewels are cooled by synthetic sand or in a kiln. To avoid stress cracks, glass beads are slowly cooled for several hours. The cooled glass beads are then processed into jewelry.



Stay up to date and check out the latest creations before they even come to the store. I would like to inform you once a month about my current jewelry.

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