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Inspired by the sea

Inspired by the sea, my recent designs all began with a lovely family holiday to a country with very little tourism but various interesting sights. The region has it all including historical sights, very tasty food, red desert, bare mountains, a unique swimming experience in the very salty Dead Sea, and for snorkeling and diving, one can discover fish in all colours. This is Jordan.

After reviewing many positive travel recommendations for the town of Aqaba, we booked a snorkeling boat tour on the Red Sea that included a  typical Jordanian lunch with local produce and very friendly staff. When the captain spontaneously asked if any snorkelers would like to go deap sea diving, I grabbed the chance and went for a dive. What an amazing, colourful underwater world they have in Aqaba! However I was disappointed as I did not see the allusive, but famous, lion fish. The next day, when my husband and oldest son went diving with me, we did not see the scary, poisonous  lion fish.

So that I did not leave the experience disappointed, the very kind Captain and dive Instructor Yazan Alsaad sent me his photo of the lion fish. What a great photo!




When I returned home, the photo inspired me to try and design glass beads using the same colours and  stripes as the fish. The outcome was amazing, which made me want to try and recreate more glass beads that reflected the beauty of the fish found in the Dead Sea.

So I asked for more of his underwater photos. In most of them I found pattern and colour combinations that I could add to my glass beads. This was the start to my new collection “inspired by fish”. When I explained to Yazan  that I needed more of his great photos to create my beads, he understood quickly  why his photos were interesting to me.  One month later, I held an exhibition of my new creations using his photos as part of the exhibition’s background.  To his surprise he saw his fantastic work for the first time in his life in large, poster size. Visitors loved it. What great team work created purely by coincidence. The Jordanian underwater photographer had no idea about glass bead technics but he was fascinated by how I reflected his photos in my jewelry. Simultanously, I never  know what object or part of nature he can catch next with his camera and share with me. The result is an evolving and unique collection of underwater photos and matching jewelry all inspired by nature.

I look forward to receiving  many more beautiful photos from Yazan. I wish all of you lots of fun with our underwater jewelry collection.  If you would like to visit this colourful coast of Aqaba, Jordan I am sure the passionate diver, Captain and underwater photographer Yazan Alsaad will be very happy to introduce you to ‘his’  world. Conincidentally, I saw  SIX lion fish during my last diving trip with  Yazan! (

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